Bangladeshi fan disrespects Indian flag on social media, drapes it in dog

The picture has gone viral on Facebook and hasn't gone down well with the Indians.

India. (Photo by Harry Trump – IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

Things often get heated up when India take on Bangladesh on the 22 yards. The matters got worsened in ICC World Cup 2015 where India defeated their neighbours quite comprehensively. Indian opener Rohit Sharma played a brilliant knock. But Bangladeshi fans erupted over a controversial decision by the umpire. Since then, the fans have started to use their photoshop skills to disrespect India.

Their skill came into fame when a picture of Bangladeshi pacer holding the head of the then Indian captain Mahendra Singh went viral. That picture received a huge backlash and was subjected to ridicule and mockery. Now, after a couple of years, another chance lies ahead of Bangladesh. On Thursday, they will be facing India at Edgbaston, Birmingham for the semi-final match of ICC Champions Trophy 2017.


Indian flag in a dog!

Before the match, the photoshop skills of the Bangladeshis has grabbed the limelight again. This time, they have gone a bit too far and crossed the limits. In a fan-made picture, a tiger is seen chasing a dog. Bangladeshi team is often referred to as ‘The Tigers’. Bangladeshi flag is accordingly draped around the tiger. What is disrespectful for the Indians is that an Indian flag is draped around the dog.

Tiranga is draped by on the dog who is being chased by the tiger and is on the verge of being preyed by the tiger. This picture was uploaded on Facebook by a Bangladeshi fan. The caption of the picture was in Bengali and it read “Mama khela jombe“. It means that brother, it will be a good game. Well, fans should expect the match to be a good one, but sometimes they forget where to stop.

Bangladesh fan
(Photo Source: NewsX)

The picture has gone viral. The social media war has already started between Indians and Bangladeshis. Now, it is up to the 22 players who will take the field on Thursday.