Barmy Army not happy with the facilities at the Wankhede Stadium

Barmy Army not happy with the facilities at the Wankhede Stadium

Alastair Cook England Barmy Army
Alastair Cook. (Photo Source: BCCI)

England fan group Barmy Army travels with the team all around the world. One of the oldest and the biggest fan group for a cricket team is in India with the England cricket team for the tour of India. Though the team hasn’t quite been able to give them moments to cherish they certainly are enjoying their time in India.

But one such unpleasant incident occurred when the fans were eagerly waiting in the stands even after the match to hear what skippers from both the teams had to say in the post-match presentation. While the visuals were displayed on the big screen on the ground there was no audio. The Barmy Army didn’t like that and tweeted to the Indian board.

“Well we can see pictures of the presentation. No sound. As usual. In the stadium #supportersdontmatter #poorshow @BCCI #IndvsEng”

Paul Newman Daily Mail correspondent seemed to agree with them and tweeted, “The spectator experience in India can be truly shocking….very much admire people who pay good money to come here for Test cricket…”

Barmy Army fans on Twitter had to say this:

@TheBarmyArmy “No sound for the presentation” doesnt take away the fact that Wankhede is the best stadium in the country with terrific fans.

@TheBarmyArmy @BCCI @retracnomis76 No Indian players interviewed on the radio coverage either. Very poor set up by the BCCI

@TheBarmyArmy @BCCI surprising…there was sound during the toss, even for the post-day chat

@TheBarmyArmy @BCCI If it makes it any better, the pictures and sound aren’t in synch even on TV. #INDvENG

Earlier it was also reported that the scoreboard at the ground was hijacked as a prank and spoofy texts started to appear there.

‘Lovely to see so many young cricket fans here today! – Adam Johnson,’ read one. The former Manchester City and Sunderland footballer was sent to six years in prison earlier this year as a convicted pedophile. ‘So grateful for my parents to bring me to the Cricket! Great day so far  – Madeleine McCann,’ read another, referring to the three-year-old girl who went missing on a holiday in Portugal in 2007.

‘I came here in memory of my Father Josef, who loved to watch cricket with me in the basement in our home country, Austria – Elisabeth Fritzl.’ The message referred to the woman who had been kept captive and sexually abused, by her own father for 24 years in Austria.

‘Great to see so many Indian faces… In India! C’mon England! – ‘Nigel Farage’ Farage is the UKIP leader and a leading voice for Brexit, which was arguably the biggest political turnaround of 2016. ‘Great to see the hunger for Test cricket in Mumbai – Bobby Sands.’ It drew reference to the IRA member who died in 1981. Even Stevie Wonder made an appearance: ‘Pleasure watching Kohli bat. You have to see it to believe it – S. Wonder.’

“It’s a no-go area. It’s a very sick thing to do. We’re 99 percent certain that it is not anybody connected with us. If it was, we would not react well to that in terms of their membership. I completely condemn the messages,” Barmy Army managing director Paul Burnham was quoted by the BBC as saying.