• Batsman tries to play a Dhoniesque shot and then plays a scoop

    The batsman imitated the helicopter shot twice only to play a scoop.

    (Photo Source: Twitter)

    Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni popularised the helicopter shot with which a batsman can hit a six even on a yorker, which is otherwise extremely difficult to handle. The shot became immensely popular among the younger generation in the era of T20 cricket. But in the Physical Disability Tournament, a batsman just mocked the helicopter shot twice even before the ball was bowled and eventually played a scoop through the fine leg area.

    The funny incident took place during the final of the Physical Disability T20 Tournament in 2016 at Dubai Sport City’s International Cricket Council Academy (ICCA). The final was played between England and Pakistan with Bangladesh being the other team in the competition. The video of the batsman gesturing the helicopter shot is going viral on social media.

    The right-handed batsman from England, imitated the helicopter shot twice and even went for a switch hit before the ball is delivered to upset the rhythm of the bowler. Eventually, he played a scoop over the fine leg on the delivery which was pitched on a good length area and earned a boundary for his side. All his teammates enjoyed the scene as it was rather funny to watch. Though Pakistan won the tournament with a 3-wicket win in the final over, there was a lot of talk of the crazy shot attempted by the batsman.

    What is Physical Disability Tournament?

    The tournament is held for the players who are physically disabled and are not able to play any kind of International cricket. The first of its kind was played in Dubai in International Cricket Council Academy. It was played between only 3 teams, England, Pakistan and Bangladesh last year from 20th October to 24 October.

    The teams faced each other twice in the competition after which England and Pakistan qualified for the final with 3 wins each. Bangladesh, unfortunately, couldn’t win a single game but fought valiantly in every game. The tournament was immensely successful and it was hailed by all the International associations for its roaring success.

    Watch the video here: