BCCI to look at reserve day in IPL after six-over debacle at Eliminator, says Rajeev Shukla

IPL to undergo a change after what happened in the Eliminator.

Rajeev Shukla
Rajeev Shukla. (Photo by Vipin Kumar/ Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

The IPL governing council is all set to revisit the IPL’s reserve day rule on Saturday at Hyderabad after the prolonged rain curtailed 6-over Eliminator affair at Bangalore this Wednesday. IPL chief Rajeev Shukla is supposed to undertake the whole issue at the meeting along with the possibility of including a reserve day for the playoffs.

There have been voices about the changes in the system from the entire cricketing fraternity regarding the outdated Duck-Worth Lewis rule and the unfair knockout of defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad from the tournament. The issue gained substance when Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter to express his concerns about the rule prevalent in the tournament. Kolkata Knight Riders faced a probable knockout, had the rains continue to pour through the night.


BCCI concerned with rain delay

“It’s a matter of concern for us also, what has happened yesterday. We will definitely discuss it at the Governing Council; what could be the way out. We will definitely talk about it,” quoted Rajiv Shukla in an interview with Indian Express. He further stated that presently, the reserve day provision is only valid for IPL Finals and necessary decisions will be taken to inculcate an extra day for the playoffs.

“So far we have got a reserve day for the final and not for other playoff matches. This will also come up for discussion and let’s see what members say.” continued Shukla.

He then expressed that opinions from broadcasters will also be taken into account.

“Broadcasters always prefer prime time. Now let’s see what members suggest and after that, we will take the opinion of broadcasters also,” comment the IPL chief. On an apprehensive note, Shukla later revealed that such decision cannot be taken in haste as it involves a lot of technicalities.

“It’s too early for me to comment upon it. There are technical people who would be involved in this kind of a thing. Let them deliberate on it first before I pronounce my viewpoint.” commented Shukla. He concluded by saying that consent of specialist and experienced personnel would also hold substance in order to take such decisions.