BCCI official responds to Virat Kohli’s complaint of Team India's busy schedule

BCCI official responds to Virat Kohli’s complaint of Team India’s busy schedule

Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, who has a lot of workload on him, recently came out and complained about it.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

In the sport of cricket these days, most of the players, at least play two to three international formats and a franchise-based league. It becomes really hectic for the players, to complete their national duties and also wrap up their franchise and other commitments. Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, who has a lot of workload on hin, recently came out and complained about this.

Kohli ahead of the first T20I against New Zealand said that the schedule, with every passing day, is becoming so tight that one day, they might have to land the aircraft straight in the stadium. He also added that the difference in the time-zones also adds to the problem. Because it takes time, for the players to adjust to such changes. The Indian team. Right after the match at Bengaluru, the Indian team straight away had set off to New Zealand and apparently did not get any resting time.

A BCCI official after Kohli’s address said that the Indian skipper, as an individual has all the rights to put out any of his concerns in the public domain. But, he should have communicated any of his issues with the officials, before making them public. The official from the board also added that all the plans are made, keeping in mind the players’ interest.

All board members are on Virat Kohli’s speed dial, told the official

He was quoted by India Today saying that, “He has every right to raise a point, but to be fair, all travel plans are made keeping in mind the interest of the players. If you see, we tried to space it out as much as we could post the World Cup when we played at home and the boys were also given a break during Diwali.”

Making his stand clear on the matter, he told that, since all of the officials are on the team’s speed dial, especially Kohli’s. So, he should make sure to communicate every issue to the board’s secretary, before telling the media. According to him, there is a proper system in place that is to be followed, in case if any issue like this comes up in the team, with clear communication being the key.

The official also told that the schedule is made under the Committee of Administrators, who are under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer of the board. It is assured that if an issue is raised, it will be resolved.

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