Ben Stokes clarifies the reason behind 'brown stain' on his trousers

Ben Stokes clarifies the reason behind ‘brown stain’ on his trousers

The notorious minds on the internet instantly thought that Stokes had a bowel-related mishap.

Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Ben Stokes is never away from the action. The cameras are always around him and he gives them reasons too. This time his teammates including captain Joe Root were all part of a giggle as an unfortunate brown patch appeared on the all-rounder’s previously pristine whites. The English all-rounder first tried to hide it with his jumper but later nodded sheepishly and chuckled himself.

The notorious minds on the internet instantly thought that Stokes had a bowel-related mishap but he has since clarified that he just ‘sat in split coffee’. Fans on social media started comparing him to Gary Lineker the footballer who lost control of his bowel in the 1990 World Cup.

Ben Stokes' tweet
Ben Stokes. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Gary later explained, “I had a bit of a Dickie stomach, I don’t know where it came from. I managed to get through the first half despite terrible stomach cramps. You know, it’s a World Cup, you cannot say ‘Excuse me, ref, is it alright if I pop off for five minutes?”

This came after Tim Paine, the Australian captain recently said that he defecated on the field while competing in the Ashes. Interestingly, the left-hander was also a part of that game. The Australian wicketkeeper said that moments before his side claimed the wicket which confirmed they had retained the Ashes in 2019. That incident also occurred at the Manchester ground. Maybe there’s something in the water. Paine mentioned, “Because I was a bit unwell, it was a bit runny and you could actually hear it hit the ground.”

England in a strong position in Manchester

England, however, will want Stokes to be fit throughout the season, after what he did in the second Test. The vice-captain was the player of the match in the second Test for his all-round performance. Stokes just claimed no.3 position in Test batting rankings and no.1 in Test all-rounders rankings.

Though Stokes is media-favorite for all he does and the entertainment he provides, this incident was not the one he must be proud of. Earlier, England managed to get 369 on the board in the innings of the series decider after Stuart Broad’s heroic fifty. The first series after the long break due to COVID-19 has grabbed all the attention in the cricket community.