Best 3 Catches by wicketkeepers in ODIs

Best 3 Catches by wicketkeepers in ODIs

Best 3 Catches by wicketkeepers in ODIs: Superman, Batman, Spiderman; call them whatever you want. But what they can do in a flash of a second is every time mesmerising to our eyes. And you need such skills to be a part of the Best 3 catches by wicketkeepers.

In this special video, top three most stunning catches in ODIs  taken by three top wicket-keepers of current era. A very common saying prevails in cricket that “catches win matches”. So the sole duty of fielders in cricket is to grab every single ball which directs towards them after leaving the bat in the batsman’s hand. Specially in modern day cricket when the rules of the game are a little harsh on the bowlers, a stunning catch always gives confidence to the bowlers. Therefore it is also said that the success of a bowler also depends on the support he gets from his fielding mates. So now, lets look at some of these eye-catching moments from world’s current best keepers:

3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Although some people describe him through words like cool, calm and composed; but he is undoubtedly a man who cannot be described by just a few adjective’s. The most successful captain for India, Mahi aka MS Dhoni is not only a good captain and batsman but an equally strong, secure wicketkeeper. Dhoni hled on to a stunner during the Commonwealth Bank Tri-series in 2012. In that match, India was up against its neighbouring islanders, Sri Lanka. Mahi displayed his pure form of  acrobatic skills to dismiss Kumar Sangakkara off Zaheer Kan’s bowling. Although it was not the first time when MS did so, but undoubtedly its one of the best dismissals by him. In his career, Dhoni has dismissed 304 batsmen in the 243 ODI matches he has played- 224 of them are caught behind and 80 are stumping dismissals.

2. Kumar Sangakkara

The man whom MS Dhoni dismissed with a stunning catch as mentioned earlier; is the one who makes it to the 2nd place of this list. One of the legendary Sri Lankan player and over-all a great human being, Kumar Sangakkara is one of the most clean batsman and player cricket has ever witnessed. Although not the youngest of all,  but still young blood runs in his veins, which helped Sanga oppose the law of gravity for a moment. It was during the Micromax cup bilateral series 2012 between India and Sri Lanka, when Sanga dismissed India’s new batting sensation, Virat Kohli off Dilhara Fernando’s bowling. Sanga succesfully drived towards the right and hold on to the white ball in his right hand. In the 386 ODIs which Sangakkara played, he caught 382 batsmen and stumped 92 batsmen in his career.

1. Brendon Mccullum

Kiwis cannot fly, I agree. But have you heard or seen someone from their family, flying in the cricket field? Yes, Brendon Mccullum can fly. Although the black caps are always termed as one of the best fielding units, Bazz is definitely best amongst them all. He effected this no less than a gymnast dive in the air to take this stunning catch to dismiss Ian Bell in the very first ball Bell faced in that innings. The 2nd ODI between England and New Zealand was going on at Hamilton on 12 Feb, 2008; when Mccullum stretched to the fullest towards his right side and grabbed the ball in his right glove to send Bell back to the pavillion in a golden duck. Overall in his ODI career, Brendon caught 246 times and stumped 15 batsmen in the 232 matches he has played.

Here is the video :