Bigg Boss 12: S Sreesanth finds support from ex-contestant Arshi Khan

Bigg Boss 12: S Sreesanth finds support from ex-contestant Arshi Khan

The former cricketer has been a controversial figure in the house so far.

Sreesanth. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Ever since S Sreesanth has forayed in the 12th season of the reality show Bigg Boss, various news are doing the rounds about him in the media. He has also threatened to leave the house a couple of times and was also involved in an argument with the host and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The former cricketer has also been targetted by Netizens for his controversial comments on the show. However, amidst all the controversy, he has found support from the ex-contestant of the show Arshi Khan.

Arshi feels that Sreesanth is playing a fair game inside the house and he is being his true self while competing. She also pointed out that he doesn’t how to act on camera and his reactions are natural when anything happens inside the house.

“I like Sreesanth and his game, first, because he is playing a great game and second because he is being the way he really is, he doesn’t know what acting is or how to face the camera or what to be done or when to cry; all of that is natural. When he feels bad, he talks about leaving the house and does, however a natural human being would. He is just being the way he is and that is what he is showing to be, there is no such thing for him as trying to act,” Arshi said while speaking to Pinkvilla.

No other contestant is capable

S Sreesanth has been involved n the fight previously with the other contestant in the house Somi Khan. The argument was so heated that he went on to question her upbringing as well to break the rules of the house and irked Salman Khan. Following the same incident, the cricketer had threatened to leave the house. But Arshi feels that S Sreesanth is the only player who deserves to be praised at the moment.

“Of course if someone feels bad the person should say, and while fighting no one is all flowers, they are by default going to say the bad, and it is something that is common in the house. Also, if for the game, even if he is using his brains, and by that, he is able to fight against those against him, then there is no harm in it and it is a game that he has to play. So if you ask me, I don’t consider any contestant in the house capable of being praised. But, Sreesanth is good and he is playing well,” she added.

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