Bulbul’s son Mahadi selected for Australia U15 team

Before this selection, Mahadi captained the Victoria U13 team.

Mahadi Islam | CricTracker
Former Bangladesh cricket team captain Aminul Islam Bulbul’s youngest son Mahadi Islam has been included in the Australia U-15 squad. (Photo Source: DhakaTribune)

Mahadi Islam, son of Aminul Islam Bulbul, has been selected for the Australia U15 cricket team and has expressed his wish to return to Bangladesh and play for the country in future. Former captain Bulbul shifted to Australia with his family and has been working as a trainer there.

Aminul Islam Bulbul is one of the most celebrated Bangladeshi cricketers from the pre-Test status era. He was also the maiden centurion for the country when Bangladesh played their first Test against India. Now he is a member of Developing program of the ACC. His assignment is in China, Brunei, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and some associate members of ICC.


“I played for the Victoria team in many national tournaments. My performance there helped me to get selected in to the U-15 team. There will be a World Cup in August. I hope to play that tournament In Sha Allah,” Mahadi said to a local television channel, as reported by Dhaka Tribune.

Inspired by his father

It is natural that Mahadi mentioned his father as the inspiration for playing cricket. He said, “I have learned both batting and bowling from my father. He guides me by identifying the mistakes I make.”

Before this selection, Mahadi captained the Victoria U13 team. He has surely expressed his keenness to go back and play for Bangladesh but Bulbul hasn’t quite given the idea total support. He mentions that Australia has good facilities and fairly good infrastructure, and it appears like that will be a factor they’ll take into consideration before Mahadi’s professional cricket career takes flight.

“I am not thinking about his (Mahadi) chance of playing for Bangladesh right now. We still have lots of time to consider this. There are very good facilities to play cricket in Australia. We have some good coaches here, they work very hard. Which is very important to learn cricket,” Aminul Islam Bulbul said.