'Call it a run-out' - Vinoo Mankad's son Rahul writes email to BCCI, objecting 'Mankading' usage

‘Call it a run-out’ – Vinoo Mankad’s son Rahul writes email to BCCI, objecting ‘Mankading’ usage

Rahul doesn’t want BCCI to use the term 'Mankading' as he finds it disrespectful.

Rahul Mankad
Rahul Mankad. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Run-outs affected by bowlers when the non-striker backs up too far are popularly, although unofficially, known as ‘Mankading’. The term came into effect when legendary Indian all-rounder Vinoo Mankad ran out Bill Brown for backing up too far during India’s tour to Australia in 1948. Since then, this form of dismissal is commonly termed as Mankad. However, the late all-rounder’s only surviving son, Rahul Mankad, isn’t amused by the fact.

Rahul doesn’t want the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCC) to use the term ‘Mankading’ as he finds it disrespectful. The official Twitter page of BCCI referred to a run-out as ‘Mankading’ during the women’s Under-19 semi-final match between Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. Disappointed by the same, Rahul wrote an email to BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, asking him to avoid using the term.

BCCI hasn’t replied to my email, neither the post has been taken down: Vinoo Mankad’s son

“I am writing this email with a request to please resolve the unwarranted and disrespectful situation that has appeared in a post on the BCCI website,” Mankad wrote in an email on October 18 as per Sportstar. Secretary Jay Shah and chief executive officer Hemang Amin were also marked in the email.

Meanwhile, Rahul also confirmed to Sportstar that he hasn’t received any response from the Indian cricket board. Moreover, that post hasn’t been deleted yet.

“It is an overenthusiastic and ill-informed post and perhaps a misplaced attempt at humour, but the fact that it has not been taken off is a cause for concern, in my view. I urge you to take immediate action and remove the offensive post forthwith,” he had written further. Rahul also pointed out the fact has ICC has stopped using the ‘unfortunate’ term and are referring the controversial form of dismissal as run-out.

“Vinoo Mankad was a great Indian cricketer, and his stature as a player and person is unquestionable, you will agree. I strongly believe that BCCI needs to come out and endorse the wrong associated with the eponymous dismissal and term it as it is rightly and under the Laws of Cricket labelled as “RUN OUT,” wrote Mankad.

“As you are aware, the ICC has dropped the unfortunate term referring to my father and have started calling it a Run Out. It is only right that BCCI of all the peak bodies ought to take lead and put this issue to bed, once and for all,” he added.