Canada cricketer allowed to continue her innings after obstructing the field against USA

Canada cricketer allowed to continue her innings after obstructing the field against USA

She later scored 40 runs out of the team's total 85.

Divya Saxena of Canada
Divya Saxena of Canada. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Obstructing a field has always been treated as an unethical action on the field playing the game of cricket and history has seen players being fined or punished for the same event. However, in the latest turn of events, video footage has been doing rounds on the internet where a Canadian cricketer named Divya Saxena could be seen obstructing the field. Fielders tried to dismiss her while she came in between to make the catch fail.

The event occurred during the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Americas Qualifiers last week wherein Canada and the USA played against each other and Canada went on to win the game by seven runs. The incident took place in the first over of Canada’s innings where American pacer Sara Farooq was up in her action and placed a ball to Saxena who was yet to open her bat.

Saxena edged the ball into the air and several opponents clustered to take the catch but she could be knowingly seen running towards the place where the ball could have landed and hence the catch couldn’t get completed. She obstructed the way of American wicketkeeper Sindhu Sriharsha from completing the catch.

Divya Saxena of Canada later scored 40 runs

The US team went to appeal for that action undoubtedly but to the surprise of all, umpire Nigel Duguid allowed Saxena to continue her innings. Later, she scored 40 runs out of Canada’s total 85.

As soon as the action came to the notice of netizens, they started calling it a cheap act by the cricketer. Many added that the umpire should not have allowed her to continue and that Saxena should announce immediate retirement from the game.

As per Law 37.3, the batter is signaled out for obstructing the field. “wilful obstruction or distraction by either batter prevents the striker being out caught.”

“I know it’s less than ideal and blatant cheating but it’s still pretty funny,” tweeted Jimmy Neesham.

It is known to all the famous incident of Ben Stokes came to the fore in 2015 when England was up against Australia as he was called for obstructing the field against Mitchell Starc.