Chhole Bhature is my cheat meal, says Virat Kohli

The Indian captain spoke about his diet plans, eating patterns throughout the day and also his cheat meal.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Facebook)
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Indian skipper Virat Kohli appeared in a talk show hosted by his friend and popular anchor Gaurav Kapoor called Breakfast with Champions where he revealed the secrets of his diet. He also spoke about how fitness standards have been raised in the Indian dressing room, keeping in mind the physique of each player and the diet.

After Kohli, the show will also feature other Indian stars like Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Suresh Raina, along with others. Since it is widely known and acknowledged that the 29-year-old doesn’t compromise on his diet Kapoor asked him what would he eat on an off day from the diet or a cheat meal if ever he takes one.

No Butter Chicken for 4 years, Chhole Bhature is my cheat meal

Virat has been one dedicated soul when it comes to fitness and inspite of being a Delhi boy, he has avoided having the staple butter chicken for a long while. He admits that he’s proud of it now.

When asked about his cheat meal, Kohli remarked, “Ram’s Chole Bhature in Rajouri Garden 110 per cent. That too I’ll go to his shop and have it, not take away. By the time it comes home, it’s not a bhatura anymore. It feels like a stale bread. Fresh bhatura’s where you pop a hole with your finger along with some onions, mint chutney and some pepper pickle,” he explained with visible enthusiasm.

Eating patterns for the day

Kohli gave away his diet and what he has in the three meals of the day. “I have a set breakfast. I eat an omelette, three egg whites, one whole egg. The spinach black pepper and cheese, some grilled bacon or smoked salmon along with it. I eat papaya or dragon fruit if it’s available or watermelon,”

“I eat decent amount of cheese for good fats. I carry my own nut butters and I get gluten free bread from the hotels, so I apply on that. Then a nice big pot of green tea with lemon, I drink three to four cups of that,” the Indian skipper said.

Talking about lunch and dinner, Virat Kohli conveyed that if he’s on a muscle gain, he prefers red meat. Otherwise grilled chicken and mashed potatoes from a major part of his diet.

“When our trainer Mr. Basu tells me to put on a bit of muscle then I increase red meat. Otherwise generally for lunch it’s grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, spinach and veggies and for dinner it’s seafood,” said the 29-year-old who celebrates his birthday today.

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