Chris Gayle's Party avtar revealed from Instagram

Chris Gayle's Party avtar revealed from Instagram

Gayle is that guy who you would surely generate liking even if you meet him once. The big Caribbean fellow is real fun to be around and is full of life whether on or off the field.

Cricket that he plays is also fast, enjoyable and full of excitement. Similar is his after life, atleast his instagram account suggests that.

The kind of pics the cricketer uploads on the social network is a re really bold and very few would ever dare to do so.

Let’s take you to a short tour with selected pic from Chrisgayle333 Instagram:

1. That is really sexy, a babe in his huge arms and both of them swaying their tongues at each other. An inch here and there it would have made to the adult sites.

2. Huuf & puff he says, smoking off a cigar and a big cloud of smoke with a drink in another hand. Gayle seems to be having a real wild party.

3. Babes all around, with a gang of girls at a private pool or his apartment chilling in the pool with hot chics around almost playboy style

4. Inside the gym and look at those abs double the size you would normally. This is the power house where he has so much power stored in.

5. This one is quite different from the rest Gayle posted it with hash tags like #Dinner #SteamFish #MashPotatoes #FryPlantain #TripleCentury #Taste #Delicious #Thanks. Wonder if he cooked it himself

6. At a photo shoot featuring in the IPL gave his celebrity status and brand equity a real boost and has capitalized on it as well

7. With Sachin, Lara and Chandrapaul on eve of the 200th test match of Sachin Tendulkar even Gayle felt it was a proud moment for him being a part of history