Chris Lynn comes out in firm support of Steve Smith

"I reckon every cricketer's probably done it throughout their career," he remarked.

Chris Lynn
Chris Lynn. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Australian cricketer Chris Lynn has come out in firm support for his captain Steve Smith. Steve Smith has been in the firing range of the media and the cricket pundits for his recent involvement in the Sandpaper gate, the ball tampering case. Smith and Cameron Bancroft were found guilty of being in the know how of the ball tampering that took place in the recently concluded Cape Town Test against South Africa.

While the media has been harsh on Smith, Chris Lynn believes that almost every cricketer indulges in such acts. As per the quotes in, Lynn noted that even the opposition skipper, Faf du Plessis, gave it away by calling his escapades of the ‘Mint Gate’ in November 2016 as a different story altogether. In November 2016, du Plessis was found using his candy to shine the cricket ball.


“I reckon every cricketer’s probably done it throughout their career in grade cricket or whatever level. But obviously not to that extent. I think Faf du Plessis said when he got one he was more ball-shining than tampering,” Chris Lynn quoted.

‘Not great waking up to such news’

Speaking further on the similar lines, Chris Lynn remarked that the Australian skipper has certainly learnt his lesson. He will definitely not be repeating such a mistake again. Furthermore, he hailed Smith for having the guts to come out in the media and accept his fault.

Lynn also mentioned that such news is definitely not good for a cricket fan or any Australian for that matter. But having said that, it is worth noting that both Smith and Cameron Bancroft have already been penalized by the ICC officials. The Cricket Australia will also give their verdict soon.

“I know he definitely will not do it again. He has conceded to it but obviously it is not the Australian way. As a cricketer, it is not great waking up to that news but he has not murdered anyone. The ICC have sanctioned the boys already and Cricket Australia will have their say,” Lynn remarked.

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