Cricket may have to wait till Mumbai Olympics 2032 for its debut

There is practically no possibility of cricket being a part of Olympics before Mumbai Olympics 2032.

Wankhede stadium Mumbai Test, MCA
Wankhede Stadium. (Photo by Graham Crouch/Getty Images)

When the cricket enthusiasts munch of the great platter of sports items which is known as Olympics, they seldom forget to complain about one thing. Their most favorite item is missing from menu card as cricket is not an Olympic event. In the recent times, reports suggesting that the great game played with bat and ball will be made a part of the great sporting event soon were circulating over the media.

But here is a bad news for all cricket loyalists all over the world- your favourite game is not going to be a part of Olympics anytime soon. Only in 1900, fans got to witness Cricket as a part of Olympics. ICC chief executive David Richardson mentioned earlier this year that by the end of July, they will be able to say when the council will give a formal application to join the great event.


That year is decided by the ICC and they are focusing on the 2024 Olympics for the grand entry of cricket into the event. But the scenario is not as smooth as they’re thinking. International Olympic Committee (IOC) member and former chairman of the British Olympic Association (BOA) and current World Anti-Doping Agency president Sir Craig Reedie feels it is still a long time till cricket becomes a part of the event.

What is the main reason for this?

2024 and 2028 Olympics will be hosted by Paris and Los Angeles respectively. Neither France nor the United States is interested in cricket and hence Sir Reedie said while speaking to Sky Sports, “I don’t think cricket has any chance in 2024 or 2028 because neither of the hosts, Paris and Los Angeles, will be very interested and the sport isn’t top of the list of those waiting for a chance.

Another IOC member Adam Pengilly stated “I think there are still too many factors working against cricket: it’s not global, it’s not particularly ‘youth’ and it doesn’t meet many of the key Olympic themes,” said Pengilly. If the next host was Australia, it might have a chance. But France and the US don’t play much cricket, and I can’t see there being much support in countries that don’t play cricket.”

Cricket can make its debut in 2032 Olympics in India

Sir Reedie further said that cricket can announce its arrival in Olympics in 2032. This is because the 2032 edition of Olympics will be hosted by India, and as it known to everyone, India is a cricket-crazy nation. “India is the biggest reason for bringing cricket in and the Games are driven by television, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility but I would suggest 2032 is a more realistic timescale,” said Reedie.

“I think about 35 people played badminton in Spain at the time badminton was added in 1985 but, fast forward to 2016, and the women’s singles winner in Rio was Spanish, Carolina Marin, so that shows you the significance of getting into the Games,” he further added.