In the spirit of the game, Bairstow should have been given the opportunity to continue: Brad Hogg

Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg believes Australia erred in their appeal for Bairstow's dismissal, highlighting umpires' lack of attention and the need for greater control in the game.

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Brad Hogg(Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)
Brad Hogg(Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg contends that Australia ought to have retracted their appeal for Jonny Bairstow's dismissal on Day 5 of the second Ashes Test. Bairstow was deemed short of his crease when wicketkeeper Alex Carey swiftly collected the ball and under-armed it at the stumps.  

However, Hogg perceived the act as lacking spontaneity. According to the cricketer, the Aussies had astutely recognised a recurring pattern whereby the wicketkeeper-batter strayed from the crease after each delivery.

"While it is within the laws of the game to consider Bairstow out, the Australians intentionally set up the circumstances. They had discussed this strategy a couple of balls earlier. The umpires were not attentive at the moment the stumps were hit. It is reasonable to consult the third umpire when they miss the action, but neglecting to consult the third umpire to determine whether the umpires had called 'Over' was rather unforeseeable. In the spirit of the game, Bairstow should have been given the opportunity to continue", Brad Hogg said on his Youtube channel. 

Brad Hogg also addressed another video that went viral on social media. In the footage, Jonny Bairstow threw the ball at the stumps to keep Marnus Labuschagne within the crease.

"Bairstow evaded the ball, accidentally disturbed the wicket, and then departed. He did not exploit the situation. There was considerable discussion about Bairstow's actions toward Labuschagne in the first innings. However, the crucial difference is that Labuschagne was positioned outside his crease while facing the bowler. Bairstow aimed to make Labuschagne retreat into his crease by throwing the ball at the stumps. That is entirely fair", Hogg added.

Umpires need to have greater authority over the game:

Brad Hogg criticised the umpires for not being more proactive in managing Jonny Bairstow's movements after the ball was delivered. He cited instances where umpires unofficially caution bowlers in various scenarios and suggested that the same approach could have been employed with Bairstow to keep him alert.

"Australians adhered to the rules of the game, but it was the umpires who failed to assume control. They need to have greater authority over the game. Similar to when umpires warn a bowler for approaching the wide line, they should have also informed Bairstow when they believed he was leaving the crease prematurely before the end of the over or before they declared the ball dead," the former Australian spinner expressed. 

Jonny Bairstow's dismissal has already injected an added layer of excitement into the remainder of the Ashes 2023 series. With England currently trailing 2-0, they are expected to mount strong resistance in the upcoming third Test, scheduled to commence on Thursday, July 6, at Headingley.

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