Cricket stands united with Phillip Hughes

Cricket stands united with Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes was struck on the head by a bouncer from Sean Abbott. As a result, he lay on the ground un-dead. Cricketers and fellows gathered around and analyzed Hughes who was lying un-conscious. Ambulances and paramedic staff was called onto the field. Hughes was rushed to the nearest hospital which announced that he required immediate surgery.

Friends, family and officials from Cricket Australia rushed to the hospital so did the media teams and fans. Dedicated fans started prayers for the speedy recovery as Hughes was fighting with death in the ICU.

The hospital later confirmed that Hughes was out of surgery and remained in a critical condition in the intensive care unit. Hughes was in an induced coma after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. The condition of Phillip Hughes is still not out of danger but the doctors and fans believe that with proper rest and treatment Hughes will be back up on his feet.

Cricket is just like a human body, all the teams make up its body-parts and all the individual cricketers are like cells and tissues to the general body of cricket. Just like the human body, when one part malfunctions the hurt is felt by all of the body and likewise the blow to Phillip Hughes’ head was like a blow to all the men and women that have played cricket or are associated with its any form.

The video of this dreadful bouncer can be viewed, here.

The entire cricketing world stands united with Phillip Hughes and his family and wishes all the best for his speedy recovery. Cricketers and fans sent their prayers through twitter to Hughes and his family and to Cricket Australia. CricTracker has highlighted some of these tweets for its fans: