12 Cricketers who follow simple lifestyles

12 Cricketers who follow simple lifestyles

Apart from their remarkable capabilities on the field, most of the cricketers all around the world are known for their riches. They live rich lifestyles which make the common people envy them. They own sprawling bungalows, high-end vehicles while controversy also follows them at the same pace. High-profile relationships and Page 3 parties are very common rituals for some colorful cricketing personalities.

But, money and materialistic wants doesn’t change every cricketer. Some tend to stay away from lavish lifestyles and prefer to live a sober life. Fans may like to follow the flamboyant ones, but these gentlemen are the equally good role models for life.

Here are the 12 Cricketers who follow simple lifestyles:

1. Rahul Dravid:

Cricketers who follow simple lifestyles
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Rahul Dravid defines simplicity. The soft-spoken cricketer over the years proved himself a gentleman both on the field and off the field. He is a family man who lives a simple life. In his wife Vijeta’ words, he never cares about cars, watches, colognes or clothes. Even, the fans who have met him know him as a humble person.  According to an interesting fan story- “Saw a ‘Santro’ outside the gas agency. Out walked Mr and Mrs Dravid and came inside to apply for a gas connection. Both completed the formalities like any common people. Dravid obliged the people who were present with a few pictures and walked out.”

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