CT 2017: Mayanti Langer heats up Twitter

Mayanti is the crowd favourite anchor for cricket broadcast in India.

Mayanti Langer.
Mayanti Langer. (Photo source: Twitter)

Rain was the unwanted intruder, because of which the high-voltage game between two rival teams India and Pakistan was stopped multiple times. Ultimately, the DLS was applied and the number of overs were reduced. Though Pakistan were no match for the high-flying Indian team and the rain did not affect the match much.

But while the fans were disappointed after seeing the gloomy sky, they were kept busy by another aspect. Mayanti Langer, the Star Sports presenter was the subject of interest for the fans. She is one of the most followed cricket anchors and has been a topic of discussion on the social media for a long time. Known for her innovative dressing senses, she found another wardrobe which amazed the fans.


Mayanti was wearing a grey skirt. Half of the skirt was draped, which left the fans baffled. While the rain had the game in a stand still, it was the engaging anchor who forced the fans to sit in front of the Television glued despite there being no action. Fans remained on their seats, with their fingers moving over the smartphones. Forgetting all the pressure, nervousness, tension and rivalry, they indulged themselves into expressing their opinion about Mayanti’s skirt.

Tweets for the dynamic anchor flowed in like Niagara falls. While a few compared his skirt to the ‘lungi’ worn by the South Indians, others compared that to the covers at Edgbaston, Birmingham. After a lot of hide and seek, the rain finally bid adieu and Twitterati shifted their focus from Mrs Langer to the crucial match. India won the match, and Twitter was again flooded with congratulatory tweets for the men in blue.

Here are some of the tweets regarding Mayanti Langer’s innovative skirt