CT 2017: We are not invincible, all are champion sides, says Virat Kohli

He lauded the way Sri Lankan batsmen came out with a positive intent for the historic run chase.

Virat Kohli of India
Virat Kohli of India. (Photo by Christopher Lee-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

Team India suffered a shocking defeat against Sri Lanka in their second game of the Champions Trophy. Despite having posted a huge total on the board, the bowlers failed to live up to the expectations as Sri Lanka romped home with a 7 wicket win. Indian skipper Virat Kohli reconciled in reality after the defeat. Speaking in the press conference after the game, Kohli credited the way Sri Lankan players on the day.

In the match, Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja proved to be very expensive deals for the Indian team. When asked if they lost the game because of that, Virat Kohli firmly backed his boys saying they are not playing against themselves. He added that he believed that the score on the board was good enough. Also, he stressed that no team in the competition can be taken lightly.


“I think Sri Lanka played well. That fact is also present. We’re playing against a team. We’re not playing amongst ourselves. I personally thought that we had enough on the board halfway — you know, during the break. And I think our bowlers also bowled decently well. If batsmen come out and play like that and everyone plays well, you have to give credit to the opposition as well. We’re not invincible. We are playing against other sides who are also Champion sides,” quoted Virat Kohli.

“I mentioned this before. This Champions Trophy, you’ve got top eight teams in the world. There’s no guarantee that someone can’t beat the other. Exactly what I said before the game. It doesn’t mean that we necessarily — yes, when you lose games, of course, you will find negatives throughout the game,” he added further.

Well played, Sri Lanka!

Speaking further on the same note, Kohli mentioned that the team did reasonably well with the bat. They maintained a good run flow and were in command of the game for the major part of the innings. However, they failed to match up the same levels when it came to the second innings. He lauded the way Sri Lankan batsmen came out with a positive intent for the historic run chase.

“I think batting wise we did really well. We obviously have to consolidate and then explode in the end, and that’s the way we always play. We don’t — we’re not a side that always plays explosive cricket throughout the 50 overs, but if a side comes out here and plays cricket with that kind of mindset and executes their shots so well, then you have to take your hat off sometimes and say very well played,” quipped Virat Kohli.