CT 2017: Things you need to know about the Champions Trophy points table

CT 2017: Things you need to know about the Champions Trophy points table

We might witness a rare occurrence in the CT 2017 if the weather turns up as predicted.

Josh Hazlewood of Australia
Josh Hazlewood of Australia. (Photo by Philip Brown/Getty Images)

The 2nd game of the Champions Trophy 2017 between Australia and New Zealand ended without a result even after 54 overs of play and the points were shared between both the sides. With more rain expected during the upcoming games in the tournament especially at the Edgbaston, we might witness the Duckworth-Lewis method coming into the play more than often and points being shared in a few games due to the rains.

While each team has got only three games to play in the Group Stage, the margin of error is very less and a washout can put that pressure on the teams involving in no result/Tied games. However, the current tournament might even witness a team facing multiple washouts.

Take an example of Australia and New Zealand for this scenario. Australia’s next two games are at The Oval and Edgbaston and the chance of rain at The Oval on the day of their game is pretty much high and there is no need to mention Edgbaston’s forecast which is the worst among the 3 venues hosting this CT.

New Zealand isn’t a happier team as they will be playing both their games in Cardiff, where the forecast on the match days is no better than that at Edgbaston. This could likely make result in Australia and New Zealand’s games getting washed out which means England (4 points) will be through to semis from their Group A while Bangladesh won’t have a chance to add more than 2 points.

This makes Australia and New Zealand’s situation equal in all terms as in the points (3 points), wins (0 wins), NRR (+/- 0) and head to head (N/R).

The conditions for teams with equal points on the table:

  • In the case of equal points, the team with most number of wins will gain the upper hand
  • If it is same, it goes down to Net run rate comparison
  • If the teams are still on same lines, the head to head between those teams will come into play.
  • In an unlikely event of all the above being the same like in the assumed scenario of Australia and New Zealand, the team that is seeded higher will get the higher position in the points table.
  • The Australian team is the highest seeded team in their Group and they would move into semis ahead of the Kiwis if both the teams end all their games without a result.

The seedings of the teams are given prior to the start of the tournament based on the ICC ODI rankings as on the cutoff date (30 September 2015) the qualification date of teams for the Champions Trophy 2017.

Seeding of the teams for the tournament:

Group A:

Seed Team Ranking on cutoff date
1 Australia No.1 (127 points)
2 New Zealand No.4 (109 points)
3 England No.6 (100 points)
4 Bangladesh No.7 (96 points)

Group B:

Seed Team Ranking on cutoff date
1 India No.2 (115 points)
2 South Africa No.3 (110 points)
3 Sri Lanka No.5 (103 points)
4 Pakistan No.8 (90 points)