Daniell Wyatt recalls her famous Virat Kohli proposal

She also recalled the time when she had written the famous proposal on Twitter.

Danielle Wyatt and Virat Kohli
Danielle Wyatt and Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

English cricketer Danielle Wyatt has a very close association with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. Wyatt’s name has been tagged around with news relating to the Indian captain for quite some time now. Ever since the English cricketer proposed Virat Kohli on the social media in 2014, the fans have been following her moves very closely. At times, the fans have found ways to tease Wyatt as well.

In all sanity, it is known that the tweet that Danielle Wyatt had posted was just in awe of the Indian captain. She has always been very vocal about her admiration for Kohli. Time and again, she has been posting updates on the social media about the Indian skipper.

Now, as per the quotes in Times Now, she has revealed that she is all set to use bat gifted to her by Virat Kohli in India this year. Kohli had gifted Wyatt a cricket bat in 2014 when the two cricketers had met in England. Back then, Danielle had posted a picture of the gift that she got and also hailed it as the ‘beast’. Well, the beast is all set to be unleashed now.

“I’m using Virat Kohli’s bat now. The bat I hit the century with broke not long ago. So now I’ll be using Virat’s,” Danielle Wyatt quoted.

Recalling the popular proposal

She also recalled the time when she had written the famous proposal on Twitter. She noted that within moments she fetched a lot of followers and got retweets on the social media. Also, she became a news headline in the Indian media. Wyatt recalled that when Kohli met her, he told her that the fans take such things very seriously and hence, one should be careful.

“Ten minutes later, I picked my phone up and I’ve got 1000s of favourites and retweets, it’s all over Indian news, they’re emailing my dad at home,” recalled the English cricketer. “When we met, he said to me: ‘You can’t do things like that on Twitter! They take things seriously!’ I was like, ‘okay. Sorry!'” she recalled further.