David Warner planning a tell-all interview soon on ball-tampering incident

The 31-year old has resigned to the fact that he may not play for Australia once again.

David Warner
Australian cricketer David Warner speaks to the media during a press conference. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Things are not going well for former Australia vice-captain David Warner ever since the ball-tampering saga hit the cricketing world. During the 3rd Test match against South Africa, Aussie opener Cameron Bancroft was caught using sandpaper on the camera. He along with skipper Steve Smith accepted the ICC’s charges of ball tampering.

Following the incident, the Aussie trio was heavily criticized by one and all across the cricket world. Cricket Australia by taking a stern action banned Warner and Smith for a 12-month period from playing any national or state level matches. Cameron Bancroft was banned for 9 months.


Steve Smith on his arrival in Australia, accepted the 12-month ban as he took the full responsibility for the whole incident. He broke down on a number of occasions during the press conference. David Warner too did a press conference a couple of days later to accept the charges. David Warner too took full responsibility in the whole tampering saga and asked for forgiveness of the cricket fans. He took broke down on a few occasions while the press conference.

Hit by a massive financial loss

However, the left-handed batsman dodged a few questions during the press conference. The questions were aimed at Smith and Bancroft and were related to his role in the episode. Warner faced the flak of Cricket Australia as well as the Australian public for his role.

The problems for the 31-year-old didn’t end there as he was banned from playing in the cash-rich IPL by the Indian board. To make the matters worse, LG, Ascis, and Milo terminated their partnership with Warner following the ball-tampering Saga which Warner said will live with him as long as he lives.

Plan to get some of those earnings through a tell-all interview

After his press conference, Warner took to Twitter to acknowledge the fact that he did dodge few of those questions and said that he will answer them all at right time. Now, as per the reports in the Australian media, Warner is in talks with a number of people for a massive $1 million deal for an interview where Warner will talk about every minute detail on the whole incident.

As long as the fans get to know about the happenings which made the Aussie trio to take such a decision that has shaken their lives, people wouldn’t mind Warner getting a million dollar or two.

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