Dean Jones and Brad Hogg seen breaking TV sets after Australian series loss

'Bhadas' Cafe- A unique concept

Dean Jones
Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones. (Photo by Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Australian cricketers, Dean Jones and Brad Hogg, were seen breaking electronic gadgets such as laptops, computers, and Television sets to vent out their stress post-Australian defeat in the Third ODI at Indore. With this loss, Australians also lost the series as India took an unassailable lead of 3-0 with two matches to go.

However, the Australian duo did not create any ruckus as the two were well within the boundaries of the law as they performed the act at a city cafe which provides the customers an outlet for their anger by smashing a variety of products.


Atul Malikram, who owns the ‘Bhadas’ cafe, charges people for breaking different objects placed in the cafe. “After the match was over, Dean Jones and Brad Hogg reached our cafe and broke items available here. They spent around 30 minutes after the match and left afterward,” commented the owner of ‘Bhadas’ cafe, Atul Malikram according to News 18.

‘Bhadas’ Cafe- A unique concept

“They were our guests, so we did not charge anything from them,” added the owner of the one of a kind cafe. A video of the duo smashing various products and angrily referring to the poor performance of the Kangaroos is also available,

Opened early this year, the cafe has a wide range of products that can be destroyed. Right from laptops, TV, computer monitors, to cup-plates, glasses, and even punching bags are available for anger management. For the safety of the customers, the cafe offers various protective gear.

“The modern day lifestyle brings all kinds of pressures, so such a place helps customers relieve their stress,” concluded Malikram.

With this loss, Australia has now has lost 13 away games without a win. By the looks of it, Steve Smith and co. would need the services the ‘Bhadas cafe’ to vent out their accumulated frustration due to the string of losses,