'Don’t forget toilet roll and some rum'- Danielle Wyatt hilariously instructs her quarantine partner Chris Gayle

‘Don’t forget toilet roll and some rum’- Danielle Wyatt hilariously instructs her quarantine partner Chris Gayle

Gayle himself was left in splits after seeing her tweet.

Danielle Wyatt and Chris Gayle
Danielle Wyatt and Chris Gayle. (Photo Source: Twitter)

COVID-19 outbreak has made things worse for human life on the planet earth. The life has come down to a standstill. And, the people are finding it difficult to cope up with its adverse effects. Even the cricketers are also facing problems in day to day lives. They are stuck at homes due to virus pandemic. Meanwhile, ICC has come out with an innovative way to interact with the players and the fans on social media.

Cricketing activities have come down to a halt after the governments announced locked down in the countries across the globe. The virus threats are not restricted to borders due to which the things have gone from bad to worse. Even, the officials have asked to maintain social distancing and not get involved in any type of social gatherings with their friends as they might have to pay a big price for it.

Danielle Wyatt comes out with a hilarious reply

With nothing left to do, the cricketers have become proactive on social media. They are replying the fans, who curiously want to know something about them. In the meantime, the International Cricket Council took to their official handle and shared a GIF of different male and female cricketers that will appear in a loop.

The player has to take a screenshot and the player that will get captured in it will be their quarantine partner. Danielle Wyatt, the England cricketer followed the procedure and got Chris Gayle as her partner. She posted the results with a hilarious caption instructing the Universe Boss to bring toilet roll and rum with him.

She took to her Twitter handle and wrote, “Don’t forget the toilet roll and some rum.” Gayle himself was left in splits after seeing her tweet.

There is not much cricket left due to Coronavirus. So, ICC is frequently coming out with some new innovations to interact with the fans and players. Recently, they came out with an isolation game in which David Warner had tweeted that he will have to make Tik Tok videos with his IPL teammate Kane Williamson.

At the moment the killer virus is spreading at a very high rate and there is no stopping it. On the other hand, the researchers are busy developing a vaccine for the same.