Entry gate of Motera Stadium collapses ahead of the arrival of US President Donald Trump

Ever since Trump's visit to the city has been announced, the city and local policed have been toiling to get all the arrangements done.

Motera Stadium
Motera Stadium. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad is hogging the headlines recently as it is set to become the world’s largest stadium after its inaugural on February 24. All eyes will be on US President Donald Trump, who will be visiting the stadium during his two-day visit to India.

Earlier, there were reports that the US President was going to inaugurate the stadium. However, the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) later clarified that the ‘Namaste Trump’ event will be organized at the newly-built Motera stadium but it won’t mark the inauguration of the stadium. The newly-built stadium is set to break the record as it will be largest with a capacity to accommodate 1.10 lakh spectators.


Ever since Trump’s visit to the city has been announced, the city and local policed have been toiling to get all the arrangements done before the arrival of the US President. As per the schedule, Trump and Modi would be addressing a massive crowd comprising over 1 lakh people at the stadium. Ahead of ‘Namaste Trump’ event, the two eminent personalities will brace the audience after taking part in a roadshow.

Newly-built Motera Stadium is also set to host Day/Night Test

The concerned authorities along with local police are leaving no stones unturned to organize everything for initiating the mega-event in grandeur. However, a video has surfaced on Twitter leaving many people baffled about the arrangements of the authorities. In the video, Gate No.3 of the newly-built Motera stadium can be seen collapsing due to heavy wind. Moreover, what makes it more perturbed is that this is the very same gate which is going to be the entry point of Donald Trump.

The reinforced Motera stadium is also going to garner much attention in the near future as it has been shortlisted to host the Day/Night Test match between India and England next year. The last time when the Three Lions visited the Indian soil, they were served a 4-0 defeat in the five-match Test series. It will be fascinating to witness how the England squad fares against a dominant Indian side, especially with the Pink ball.