Every cricketer deserves to know where he stands, so we decided to communicate: MSK Prasad

MSK Prasad
MSK Prasad. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The new selection panel led by Chairman of selectors, MSK Prasad has taken some really bold decisions in their brief tenure. Bringing back names like selection like Gautam Gambhir and Parthiv Patel, and blooding of Hardik Pandya and Jayant Yadav has earned them a few praises.

The committee was seen bit inexperienced considering their not so impressive international experience. But the committee doesn’t seem to be bothered about the perception few have about them. Speaking to Indian Express in a recent interview, MSK Prasad spoke about the lightweight’ tag, the challenge of dealing with senior cricketers and new-age stars while introducing new channels of communication across the board.


Prasad states that the major motto of the new selection committee was to keep everyone aware of their future. The idea, which was implemented by Prasad through his own personal experiences during his career, seems to be helping the Indian team in more than one ways. Prasad talks about the method with which they approach senior cricketers and youngsters.

“What I heard from some of the cricketers, some even with legendary status, who aren’t part of the Indian team presently, is that they don’t know where they stand. So firstly we made it very clear that until the day they retire, never say never. For a youngster, you can always say you are just on the threshold of getting into the team.”

But it is a very sensitive issue to deal with the seniors. At the same time, I believe it helps if you can explain what our line of thinking is.”

“So we decided to communicate as a committee, and talk to players of the level of Gautam Gambhir and Yuvraj Singh or a Shikhar Dhawan. To tell them the reasons why they have been dropped, which they might be unaware of. We made it a policy to speak, and for which we took permission from the board. The secretary was also very happy with it, and now we even go down and speak to the Ranji Trophy players.”

Talking about Ranji performers, Rishabh Pant has experienced a great amount of success this season. So when asked about his progress and what future plans they have for him, Prasad said, “I had a long discussion with Rishabh Pant and I explained the roadmap to him, and I have shown him the picture that lies ahead of him, where he is, where he should be heading, how he can get there. It’s the same with any youngster like Priyank Panchal or a Deepak Hooda the selectors need to draw the roadmap for them.”

While the selectors are doing their job, it remains important to see how the player responds to their measures. Prasad reveals that cricketers were quite surprised and happy at the same time when we began approaching them.”

The chief selector also states that if the time arrives to say that it’s time to move the committee won’t hesitate in approaching the star cricketer and speak openly about it.

What is wrong in telling him, if it’s meant to be said. We are not here to survive. We are here to deliver the best possible results, so we will take every decision based on that. Like a player, we will also be evaluated by our efforts and results. Let me tell you if somebody is trying to call us lightweight, after three years they will have to change their opinion.