In a face off with Ahmed Shahzad, Virat Kohli comes out triumphant in Pakistan

Kohli more popular in Pakistan than Shahzad

Virat Kohli
(Photo Source: Twitter)

During the fag end of the first decade of the 2000s, two identical players made their debuts for their respective countries at the same time. Pakistan had Ahmed Shahzad while India had Virat Kohli. The resemblance was uncanny. Both were expected to take their team towards greater heights.

That said, eight years down the line Virat Kohli took giant strides into International cricket and is currently miles ahead of Shahzad. As of now, the only way we can compare the two cricketers is by looks. After years of comparison, one of the popular Twitter account across Pakistan finally came up asking to pick their choice between Pakistan’s Ahmed Shehzad and Virat Kohli expecting an interesting reaction from fans.


Virat Kohli is renowned to win hearts both on and off the field but now the love for the Indian captain has transcended even the steepest wall between India and Pakistan.

According to the poll, it was the Virat Kohli who won the face-off against Ahmed Shahzad with the majority of his fan base from Pakistan. Much like India’s record under the captaincy of Kohli, the modern master of the game won by a margin of thousands as opposed to the count of Shahzad which came out to be in hundreds.

On the basis of the replies from the Tweet, it can be traced out the Pakistanis has been disappointed with Shahzad’s stature in cricket. “Come on. Accept it, out of 100 times, 99.9% time one Kohli is equal or above then 6 batsmen of Pakistan team from past current & in future” commented a Pakistani fan.

Some of them took to statistics while comparing their respective records in all formats. Looking at the results of the poll, it is a well-established fact that Kohli is a winner in all aspects of the game.

Let us look at some of the reactions