Farmers turn agricultural land to Lord's and Edens in Delhi NCR

Farmers turn agricultural land to Lord’s and Edens in Delhi NCR

A match can cost from Rs 3,500 to 7,500 for a team.

Farmers in NCR region. (Photo Source: Times Of India)

No, it isn’t time for the IPL but cricket fever is creating a huge impact around the country. The muster and wheat farms have turned into cricket grounds in Delhi NCR. A single such high-quality ground, which from a distance looks like a typical county ground in the UK, can host three games per day and five of such places poses the floodlight facility. A match can cost from Rs 3,500 to 7,500 for a team. If you wish to bowl under lights then you may have to pay double the amount.

The amount includes the cost of balls and umpires’ fees. According to Sachin Khurana, proprietor of Turf Sports Management and an experienced match organiser in this venture, Baliyawas and Kadarpur have around 40 cricket grounds in total.

Farmers turn their game around

“We have to train for seven to eight months before we can get a job as an umpire,” 20-year-old college student Rakesh Harshana, who umpires in corporate matches over the weekend, told Times of India. “We go online and watch YouTube, Google and highlights of old matches to enhance our understanding of umpiring.”

“NCR has some good cricket grounds that have come up in the last few years. I hope similar ones come up in other cities,” says Binwant Sehgal, who works in popular sportswear Puma’s marketing department in Bengaluru.

Ayush Sohni, a lawyer, told TOI that it is easier to get slots in Gurgaon. Sohni spends his weekend playing T20 cricket. “Earlier, we played mostly in Delhi, but over the last two years many people have started coming to Gurgaon to play as there are plenty of grounds here,” said Sohni. “Getting preferred slots is easier too.”

The latest venture supports the village folks, small shop owners, talented local players, who get hired during the competitive games and groundsmen.