Five cricketers who are considered to be ‘Bad Boys’

These cricketers are possibly considered to be the toughest of the lot when it comes to their on-field antics.

Andrew Symonds of Australia watches Harbhajan Singh
Andrew Symonds of Australia watches Harbhajan Singh. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Cricketers are often under constant scrutiny. Everything they do, be it professional or personal is monitored and discussed. Hence, in such a scenario, there is no chance of getting away after doing something wrong. Over the years, we’ve seen many cricketers indulge in malpractices and were rightly put under the category – ‘Bad boys of the game’.

These malpractices could include anything – right from what they do on the field to their off-field activities. The off-field activities could include off-field brawls, assaults, sex scandals and many others. These bad boys of cricket, with their improper conduct, brought a disgrace to themselves as well as the game.

Here are five cricketers considered to be the ‘Bad boys’ of the game:

1. Sir Ian Botham

Ian Botham
Ian Botham. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

There is no question about Ian Botham‘s cricketing prowess. Undoubtedly, he is one of the finest all-rounders the game has ever seen. With over 7,300 international runs and 528 international wickets, Sir Ian Botham continues to be one of the legends of the game. However, his grandeur on the field by blemished by his off-field antics.

He is one of the most controversial characters and was also suspended in 1986 for smoking cannabis. Furthermore, Botham was accused by Imran Khan of racism and ball tampering. He dug the matter deeper by taking Imran Khan to the court but lost the case. Botham also constantly made headlines for his extramarital affairs and was once arrested on assault charges in Australia.

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