Gautam Gambhir lashes out at people refusing to stand up during national anthem

Gambhir's tweet received mixed reaction from the masses.

Gautam Gambhir
Gautam Gambhir. (Photo by Gurinder Osan/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Former Indian International and an integral part of the Kolkata Knight Riders’ setup, Gautam Gambhir, is perhaps the most patriotic amongst the bunch of cricketers presently in India.

There have been numerous instances when he has hailed the Indian soldiers for their sacrifices and raised his voice whenever the personnel in the defence are subjected to injustice or mistreatment.


Yet again, the southpaw brought an important issue of people not respecting the national anthem whenever being played in the cinema halls. Almost one year back, the Supreme Court made it mandatory for one and all stand up and sing the national anthem at the start of movies in cinema halls.

The idea was to promote the sense of long-lost patriotism amongst masses, who do not have enough opportunity to sing along with the anthems due to their busy daily lives. In fact, the last time people had the chance of sing ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was during their teenage at the morning school assembly.

Keeping the fact in mind, the Supreme Court made it compulsory for one and all to sing the national anthem before the start of any movie in a cinema hall. However, it is usually seen that some of the people in the halls do not bother to even stand up let alone sing along with the anthem, thereby, disrespecting it.

Gambhir took up the issue and claimed that people are open to waiting in long queues for even half an hour outside some club, but cannot spare even less than a minute to stand up while the anthem is being played at the halls.

“Standin n waitin outsid a club:20 mins.Standin n waitin outsid favourite restaurant 30 mins.Standin for national anthem: 52 secs. Tough?” questioned Gautam Gambhir in his latest tweet. The batsman found adequate support from his followers as they condemned the act of disrespecting the anthem as well.

Here’s the Tweet and its reactions