Gautam Gambhir mocks Shahid Afridi over his tweet on Kashmir

Gautam Gambhir mocks Shahid Afridi over his tweet on Kashmir

'Don't worry, will sort it out son,' Gambhir tweeted.

Shahid Afridi Gautam Gambhir
Shahid Afridi Gautam Gambhir. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Shahid Afridi, the former Pakistan cricketer, has been quite vocal on the abject state of Jammu and Kashmir. In a number of instances, he has lashed out on the social media expressing concerns over the bloodshed taking place there. Back in November 2018, speaking at an event in London, the veteran cricketer voiced his opinions and weighed in on the ever-lasting Kashmir issue.

He said that Pakistan doesn’t want Kashmir, but he also asked to not give it to India either. Afridi called for Kashmir to be independent as that will keep humanity alive. Afridi said that Pakistan cannot even manage its four provinces and it’s painful to see people lose their lives. Now, he has again opened up and mentioned that Kashmiris should be given their rights as per UN resolution.

He took to Twitter and wrote, “Kashmiris must be given their due rights as per #UN resolution. The rights of Freedom like all of us. Why was @UN created & why is it sleeping? The unprovoked aggression & crimes being committed in Kashmir against #Humanity must be noted. The @POTUS must play his role to mediate,”

Here is Afridi’s tweet

In the meantime, Gautam Gambhir, who retired from cricket last year and joined politics, supported Afridi on his claims and lauded him for bringing the matter to the fore. But he said that the crimes and violence are taking place in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Gambhir replied to Afridi’s tweet and wrote, @SAfridiOfficial is spot on guys. There is “unprovoked aggression”, there r “crimes against humanity”. He shud be lauded for bringing this up. Only thing is he forgot to mention that all this is happening in “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir”. Don’t worry, will sort it out son!!!”

Here is Gambhir’s reply

Yesterday, the Indian government, led by Honourable Prime Minister, abolished Article 370, which gave Jammu and Kashmir special status. On August 7, the PM will address the entire nation. A lot of changes are expected to come into existence after the historic day in India.

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister mentioned in Rajya Sabha that Jammu and Kashmir would be divided into Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh.

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