Global T20 Canada 2019: Former Pakistan cricketer Mansoor Akhtar approaches Umar Akmal for match-fixing

Global T20 Canada 2019: Former Pakistan cricketer Mansoor Akhtar approaches Umar Akmal for match-fixing

Mansoor Akhtar is serving as an official of Winnipeg Hawks.

Umar Akmal
Umar Akmal. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

The second edition of the Global T20 Canada has been marred with the fixing controversy. The former Pakistan cricketer Mansoor Akhtar has been alleged to have approached Umar Akmal for fixing. However, Akmal has reported the incident to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the tournament officials to keep himself out of the matter. Two people contacted Umar Akmal and offered him to fix.

One of the two people is reportedly Mansoor Akhtar who played 19 Tests and 41 ODIs between 1980 and 1990 and the other one is from India whose name is Krish. The anti-corruption officials of the Global T20 Canada have instructed the participating teams to stay away from Mansoor and Krish.

The PCB official confirmed to Sportsmirchi that Umar Akmal reported the matter to the board and it is trying to look into it. “We’ve received a report from Umar and he’s mentioned that he was approached by two people including ex-cricketer. We’ll get into this matter as soon as possible and complete the investigation,” the official said.

Mansoor was associated with Winnipeg Hawks

Umar Akmal is currently representing the Winnipeg Hawks in the tournament and interestingly, Mansoor Akhtar was also associated with the same team. However, he isn’t seen after the incident according to Sportsmirchi. Moreover, Mansoor Akhtar has admitted that he met Umar Akmal but hasn’t accepted the allegations of fixing.

As far as the tournament is concerned, it has reached its business end now and the 18th match is set to be played between Montreal Tigers and the Toronto Nationals. Two matches of the second round were washed out on Tuesday by the virtue of which Brampton Wolves and Vancouver Knights qualified to face-off in the first qualifier.

With the tournament reaching its climax, the teams and the players will be careful of any fixing approach and even the tournament officials has instructed them to be ‘vary’ of the two men.