Graeme Smith raises concern over Sourav Ganguly’s idea of a four-nation Super Series

Prior to Smith’s comments on the matter, the England Cricket Board had also expressed its views regarding the proposal.

Graeme Smith and Sourav Ganguly
Graeme Smith and Sourav Ganguly. (Photo Source: Twitter)

After Sourav Ganguly proposed the idea of a four-nation league with India, Australia and England along with one other nation as its participants, his South African counterpart Graeme Smith came out and expressed his concerns regarding the success of such a format.

The acting Director of Cricket South Africa, Graeme Smith started off by saying that the South African team at the current moment is not even close to being a part of a tournament in which the big three of world cricket, i.e. India, England and Australia will be taking part in.


Smith further went on to express his concerns regarding the monotony of such a tournament. He had said that the people watching the sport might get bored and frustrated by seeing only the ‘big three’ playing matches against each other. Smith had also spoken about improving the relationship of the South African Cricket Board with those of the ‘big three’ nations of the sport.

ECB has also expressed its views about Sourav Ganguly’s proposal

Prior to Smith’s comments on the matter, the England Cricket Board had also expressed its views regarding the proposal. But, contrary to Smith, the body was seen welcoming the development of such a concept. Sourav Ganguly along with other top officials of the BCCI had flown to England recently to hold talks with the English board regarding the ‘super series’.

And, the same was confirmed by the English Cricket Board. ECB officials had said that the matter was brought up during the meet. While two of the three major participants in the quadrangular tournament have been vocal about their opinions, the Australian cricket board has still not given any comments on the topic.

The Sourav Ganguly-proposed tournament will be a four-nation affair. And, out of the four three will be India, England and Australia. The fourth team would get decided later. But, one of the biggest hurdles in carrying out such a tournament will be one of ICC’s ruling according to which, every participant nation in the council is not allowed to organize any tournament with more than three teams.

So, it would not be surprising that the major stakeholders in the council, India along with England and Australia, to get into a tug of war with the ace body, trying to make it agree to the idea of a ‘super series’ with four nations participating in it.

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