Great to be back in the Indian dressing room: Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble
Former India cricketer Anil Kumble. (Photo by MAL FAIRCLOUGH/AFP/Getty Images)

Barely moments after being appointed as the coach of the Indian cricket team, a plethora of news channels and media reports paraded at Anil Kumble’s residence in Bengaluru. However, the 42-year old remained unfazed as he answered the media queries.

Kumble initially started off by stating that it was an honor to be back in the Indian dressing room before thanking the BCCI and the CAC for giving him the opportunity to do so.


“It is a great honor to be back in the Indian dressing room. I’d like to thank the BCCI and the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) for showing faith in me.”

“It is a huge responsibility as I mentioned and I have always been someone who has put his hand up for challenges. And, it is a challenge to take up this role.”

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Apart from the fact that it was indeed a massive responsibility on his shoulders, Kumble added that it was his duty as the coach to put the players first. In spite of not prematurely building any tactics, Kumble stated that his focus was on his first assignment in the West Indies.

“A coach’s role, in my opinion, is always done in the background and the players come first. That will be my approach. It is always the players first and the coaches come later. “

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“It is a bit too early for me to speak on all of that. There is a certain plan obviously and the immediate series coming up is the West Indies. Obviously, the strategy is to win, and I haven’t really spoken to the players yet. This is just the first reaction and I’m sure that there is time to think about all of that and to sit with the players and to work out how to go about things.”