Harbhajan Singh and his tunes begin to catch fire in the Bollywood industry

Mika Singh, the bollywood singer has urged Bhajji to stop singing.

Harbhajan Singh and Mika Singh
Harbhajan Singh and Mika Singh. (Photo Source: Twitter)

At 36, it would seem as though Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and his fabled tales of cricket with Australia might very well be diminishing. However, while he may not be the most important member of the side he plays for, it is clear that he certainly will not walk into the side as he once did. This also means that the 36-year old has begun looking at life after retirement, so to speak.

This later career for Bhajji has come in the form of singing and music. Having been a prominent part of the advertising industry while he was one of the most distinguished players for the country, he was a prominent feature in the ad industry as well. This not only allowed him to hone in his acting skills, but also his singing skills, something that has seen him become a rather distinguished singer at that.


Recently, Bhajji took to Twitter to showcase his newfound skill, generating a great response from the Bollywood singing community. However, one singer who was rather wary of the Chennai Super Kings’ player’s new-honed skill was Bollywood playback singer Mika Singh, someone who felt that his carer might well be at risk.

Here is the banter

Mika retweeted Bhajji’s video and wrote, “Na bhaji pls na karo Tussi na GAO yar… [No Bhajji please don’t do that. Don’t sing] nowadays everybody is becoming a singer, but the problem is we can’t become a cricketer… Tussi sade pet latt na maro…[Don’t eat into our jobs].”

Bhajji replied to Mika, “Hahaha na bhai mere vas di gal Nahi hai… jiska kaam ussi ko sajje… [No bro, it’s not my job, it’s suits you more] hope u r doing well.. see u soon bro.”

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