Harbhajan Singh infuriated with Modi government's GST

Harbhajan Singh infuriated with Modi government’s GST

Singh expressed his anger in a hilarious tweet.

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh. (Photo Source: Twitter)

With the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) by the ruling National Democratic Alliance government in the centre, the prices of almost all the goods as well as services have changed considerably. While some items have become cheaper, the prices of the other commodities have rocketed. Cricket also has a relationship with the GST in the hindsight, with the tickets to catch the live action burning a hole in the pocket at the moment. Now, a cricketer also seems to be infuriated with honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s tax reform scheme.

Among the numerous Indian citizens who are avoiding a dine-out on a weekend with this new tax scheme, Harbhajan Singh is also finding it difficult to try out new cuisines. In the new system, two taxes are counted on the bill- one is the central GST (CGST) and one is the state GST (SGST). The end result is that the amount one has to pay for the taxes itself is enough to buy another cuisine.

Known for his sense of humour, Bhajji couldn’t resist the temptation to share the pain with his followers on Twitter. The 37-year-old from Jalandhar, Punjab was perplexed after receiving the bill and thought that he was giving some sort of a treat to the state and the central government.

“While making payment of bill after dinner in the restaurant, it feels like state govt & central govt both had a dinner with us…” said the owner of over 700 international wickets.

Twitterati loves the tweet

Twitterati was overjoyed to see someone like Harbhajan share the same emotions. While some mentioned sadly that he had to pay Rs. 137 on a bill of Rs. 799, others praise Harbhajan for his honest attitude. Many also raised questions about both state and central government taking separate taxes. The tweet is a reflection of the condition of anyone and everyone frequenting the restaurants and hence was loved by many.