Harbhajan Singh makes a hilariously smooth transition to fit into his new IPL franchise

It was not long ago when Harbhajan had mocked the Tamil script.

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Veteran Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh recently found new bidders at the IPL 2018 auctions. Harbhajan, who had been an integral part of the Mumbai Indians ever since the first edition of the tournament, was bought by the Chennai Super Kings at the IPL 2018 auctions. Certainly, it must have been a tough pill to digest for the veteran cricketer to leave the team which he had once led in the tournament history.

In any case, for the champion player that Harbhajan is, he will surely give his best for his new side. The way he performs and what he does at the CSK camp remains to be seen. For now, Harbhajan Singh finds himself in a hilarious position. For a Punjabi lad to be playing for a South Indian side, it indeed sounds a little too tricky. No wonder why the Twitterati made quite a lot of jokes about the same.


Meanwhile, the way Harbhajan Singh has made a transition from being someone who used to troll the South Indians to a player who would play for a Chennai based franchise is quite smooth. Many might wonder what the entire episode is about. Well, here is how the scene perspired. It was not long ago when Harbhajan had mocked the Tamil script in one of his tweets of 2016.

He had made fun of the script and had called it to be ‘jalebi’-like. Jalebi is an Indian dessert which is loopy in shape. Citing an analogy of the same to the Tamil script, Harbhajan had taken a dig at it as he had tweeted, “Bhaiyo yeh jalbi walle kya likhte hai?”.

Check the tweet here:

Harbhajan Singh tweet 2016
Harbhajan Singh tweet 2016. (Photo Source: Twitter)

And now, when Harbhajan has been bought for INR 2 Crore by the Chennai Super Kings at the auctions, the veteran cricketer took very little time to tweet in the same fonts and scripts. Well, seems that the magic of the IPL has ensured a smooth transition of a Punjabi to a Chennai-guy. In his tweet, Harbhajan expressed his excitement on joining the Chennai Super Kings squad.

Here is his latest tweet:

Harbhajan Singh tweet 2018
Harbhajan Singh tweet 2018. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Here’s the full CSK squad for IPL 2018 season

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