• Hardik Pandya has the ability to serve Indian Cricket for long: Robin Singh

    Former Indian cricketer wants Hardik Pandya to set an example for coming generation.

    Hardik Pandya of India
    Hardik Pandya of India. (Photo by Philip Brown/Getty Images)

    With only 40 odd International matches under his belt, Hardik Pandya is already ruling the world with his ability to smash the ball out of the park and bowl at a consistent pace. Confident, fearless, and hungry probably sums his short career. His intensity on and off the field helps a cricket aficionados to know his stature. It was his all-round skills which caught former Indian all-rounder, Robin Singh’s attention and sees shades of himself in the 23-year-old lad.

    Robin is one of the better all-rounders India produced. Being a wholehearted player, not only gave cent percent while batting or bowling but was also able to save some important runs for his side by exceptional fielding skills. This allowed him to cement his position in Indian squad and served the nation for long.

    Ability to serve Indian Cricket for a long period

    Robin, who will turn 54 on Thursday, spoke to Khaleej Times and talked extensively about Pandya. He said, “He’s an exceptional player. He’s somebody who can really go to great heights as long as he’s consistent and keeps himself fit.”

    “He can bowl quick and it is very rare that you see Indian fast bowling all-rounders bowling at 140kmph. Of course, he’s somebody who is quite an explosive batsman and I would encourage him to be like that because that’s the way you can win matches. As he plays more and more, he will get more experience. He will find his own niche in different situations, he will know how to adapt,” Singh added.

    Hardik can set an example

    The West Indies-born former Indian cricketer wants Hardik Pandya to set an example for coming generation, who can see him (Hardik) as an idol.

    “There is no end to having good all-rounders and I hope there are many more like him, on the verge of coming through and I hope he can be one of the examples for young all-rounders in his era. So, he can set the benchmark. I’m pretty sure, knowing the sort of person he is and he wants to excel. That’s important. He’s a very positive guy and a very, very exciting player,” Singh concluded.