'He hasn’t cheated' - Mitchell Johnson defends Noor Ahmad's mankading act in U19 World Cup

‘He hasn’t cheated’ – Mitchell Johnson defends Noor Ahmad’s mankading act in U19 World Cup

Afghanistan Under-19 cricket team lost the game to Pakistan by a margin of six wickets.

Mitchell Johnson and Noor Ahmad
Mitchell Johnson and Noor Ahmad. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Noor Ahmad, the Under-19 player from Afghanistan hogged the spotlight for mankading in the quarterfinal game of the ongoing Under-19 World Cup. His act yet again erupted a debate over the controversial rule. However, he received mixed reactions from the cricketing fraternity. Post the much-debated act of Ahmad, Mitchell Johnson has given out his opinion over the same saying that bowler did everything as per the rules and regulations of cricket.

According to the rules, a batsman standing on the non-strikers is not allowed to leave the crease before a bowler bowls his delivery. And, if batter leaves the crease at the time when the bowler would ideally have released the ball, the striker is liable to be run-out. The same happened in the 28th over when Pakistan was batting with Muhammad Huraira standing on the non-striker’s end.

At that time, Huraira, who had opened the innings for his side, was battling out hard in order to help his team win the crucial contest. The bowler in-charge was Noor Ahmad, who left everyone in surprise as he Mankad Huraira on the fourth delivery of his over. The on-field umpires discussed and referred it to the third umpire. In replays, it was quite evident that the Pakistan batsman was out of his crease before the ball was bowled and he was adjudged out for the same.

Mitchell Johnson comes in support of Noor Ahmad

Mitchell Johnson, the former pacer from Australia questioned his fans saying that why the ‘Spirit of Game’ is always being used against the bowler. Everything is quite clearly mentioned in the rule book. The batsmen should stay in the crease before the ball is being bowled. The bowler never gets a rebate when he bowls as the umpire certainly gives a no-ball if his foot his millimetre outside the line.

Johnson is also happy about the fact that the Mankad rule is re-introduced. As per him, it might be done because the batsmen always try to steal a quick single. The former pacer also backed Ahmad, who didn’t do anything against the ‘Spirit of the Game’ according to Johnson.

The 38-year-old took to his Instagram handle and shared a still in which Noor Ahmad had ‘mankaded’ Muhammad Huraira. He also wrote a long message that read, “My thoughts on this haven’t changed from last time. The spirit of the game against the bower keeps being used. Again how about the spirit of the game be put on the batsman, stay in your crease! Don’t care if it’s a millimetre in it, a bowler can’t be a millimetre over the line when he bowls so why should the batsman get an advantage?.

“I’m glad the Mankad rule is back in place. Must be a reason why it has been reintroduced? Maybe it was because of all the batsman sneaking the advantage for that extra run or so?. Less hate towards the bowler as he hasn’t cheated. He has followed the rules of the game.”

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