'How are you today Sue Chin?' - Michael Vaughan hilariously trolls Sachin after Donald Trump's mispronunciation

‘How are you today Sue Chin?’ – Michael Vaughan hilariously trolls Sachin after Donald Trump’s mispronunciation

Many hilarious posts have been surfacing on social media since Trump's hilarious pronunciation of Sachin's name.

Michael Vaughan (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images for PCA)

US President Donald Trump finally graced the Indian soil by arriving at the Ahmedabad airport on Monday to attend the much-awaited ‘Namaste Trump’ event. After being welcomed by India Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the airport, the duo along with Trump’s wife and first lady Melania Trump headed towards the newly-built Motera Stadium.

The Motera Stadium has been hogging the headlines recently after becoming the world’s largest cricket stadium. Built by demolishing the old stadium, the new-look Motera Stadium boasts a staggering capacity of accommodating over 1.10 lakh spectators, overtaking the MCG which has the capacity of over 1 lakh audience. All eyes were on Trump when he walked towards the stage to address a jam-packed Motera Stadium.

The US President left no stones unturned in lauding India as Trump recognized the country’s ‘bhangra’ dance form and mentioned Bollywood movies like DDLLJ and Sholay. However, one thing in Trump’s coveted speech which caught the eye of the audience was the way that he pronounced the names of two stalwarts of Indian cricket– Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli.

While addressing a brimming crowd at the stadium, the 73-year-old struggled to pronounce Sachin’s name. He pronounced Sachin as ‘Soochin Tendolkar’ and Kohli as ‘Virot Kolee’. Twitterati, in no time, started sharing memes about Trump’s unsuccessful and hilarious attempt in pronouncing the names of Tendulkar and Kohli.

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan also joined the bandwagon and tweeted– “How are you today Sue Chin @sachin_rt !!!! #Face with tears of joy #DonaldTrumpIndiaVisit”

ICC and Kevin Pietersen also take a dig at Trump’s mispronunciation

Many hilarious posts have been surfacing on social media since Trump’s hilarious pronunciation of Sachin’s name. ICC and Kevin Pietersen also took a dig at the US President for his fumble while enunciating Tendulkar’s name. ICC shared a video where they can be seen altering Sachin’s name to ‘Soo-chin’ in their database.

Kevin Pieterson, on the other hand, took a dig at Trump and asked him to do some research in pronouncing names of ‘legends’. The former England batsman’s tweet was directed towards his mate Piers Morgan, with whom Pietersen shares a great camaraderie.