‘I am a proud Indian’ – Mithali Raj shuts down a fan for his tweet on cricketer not speaking Tamil

"Tamil is my mother tongue, I can speak Tamil very well, and I'm proud to live as Tamilian."

(Photo by Gary Prior-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

While Mithali Raj comes across as a very calm and composed cricketer, she seems to be well aware of how to give it back to trolls. The India star is one of the most decorated players in the history of women’s cricket. But despite her accomplishments on the field, she too faces the trolls or criticism on some occasion.

Well, one will now think at least twice before taking on Mithali after the way she shut down a troll on Twitter. It all started when the veteran batter took to Twitter to acknowledge Sachin Tendulkar’s high praise for her. Tendulkar had praised Mithali after she led India to a 3-0 clean sweep victory over South Africa in the three-match ODI series on Monday.


Mithali also achieved a unique feat as she became the first female player to complete 20 years in international cricket. Soon after the game was over, Tendulkar tweeted to congratulate the Indian team for the win and acknowledged Mithali Raj’s achievement. Mithali was quick to respond to Tendulkar’s tweet, writing, “It feels nice to be acknowledged by a person who I have looked up to all my life .. thank you champion,” the tweet read.

Troll tries to take on Mithali Raj

This is when a user named Sugu tried to get under the skin of Mithali by questioning her language preference. Expressing anguish over Mithali not using Tamil in her interviews, the troll tweeted, “She doesn’t know Tamil. She will speak in English, Telugu, Hindi”.

But Mithali Raj was having none of it and she did not take long to shut down the troll. The champion cricketer replied with a tweet in Tamil saying it is her mother tongue. She also made sure to point it out that she is a very proud Indian. Not only that, but Mithali also dedicated a song to her critic.

“தமிழ் என் தாய் மொழி.. நான் தமிழ் நன்றாக பேசுவேன்.. தமிழனாய் வாழ்வது எனக்கு பெருமை..(“Tamil is my mother tongue, I can speak Tamil very well, and I’m proud to live as Tamilian”) but above it all I am very proud Indian ! Also my dear sugu ,you constant criticism on each and every post of mine ,you day to day advice on how and what should I do is exactly what keeps me going”