I remember I was so angry when I hit Stuart Broad for six sixes: Yuvraj Singh

I remember I was so angry when I hit Stuart Broad for six sixes: Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi looked at Mascarenhas and Flintoff in anger.

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh. (Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

During the 2007 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Yuvraj Singh created history when he hit Stuart Broad for six sixes in an over in Durban. Before that over, the left-handed batsman had an argument with the England player Andrew Flintoff, which angered him so much that he decided to smash every ball. Years after that incident, the Punjab batsman revealed what conversation happened between the two players.

Recalling the incident, Yuvraj revealed that he hit Flintoff two boundaries off two good balls which angered the English all-rounder. This is when the all-rounder started abusing the Indian batsman. This is also when the two got in a heated argument.

He said I am gonna cut your throat off: Yuvraj Singh on Andrew Flintoff

Yuvi revealed that Flintoff told him that he will cut his throat off which then made the Indian batsman exchange a few words as well.

“I think Freddie bowled two good balls and he bowled a yorker which I managed to hit for a boundary. Then he told me that this was a dash shot, he got pretty elaborative. He said I am gonna cut your throat off and then I replied saying you see this bat in my hand? You know where I am gonna hit you with this bat?” the ex-Indian batsman said.

The Indian batsman said that the entire incident had angered him a lot. He revealed that after hitting Broad for those six sixes, he looked at Dimitri Mascarenas and Flintoff. A month before the incident of six sixes, India was playing England in an ODI at the Oval in London. It was during this match that Mascarenas had hit Yuvraj for five sixes in an over. Though India won that match, those five sixes became a historic moment.

“I remember I was so angry when I hit Broadie for six sixes, I looked at Dimitri Mascarenhas and then I looked at Freddie,” Yuvraj told Kevin Pietersen on Instagram live. “Mascarenas had hit me for five sixes during an ODI match so that is why I looked at him first. It was one of those games which we all will remember,” he added.

Interestingly, after the match in Durban, Yuvraj and Freddie Flintoff shook hands and greeted each other. India won that match as well and it paved their way to the semi-finals of the tournament.