'I will do better and be better' - N Jagadeesan pens down apology note for objectionable actions in TNPL

‘I will do better and be better’ – N Jagadeesan pens down apology note for objectionable actions in TNPL

'It is very hard for me to digest how I reacted,' said Jagadeesan.

Narayan Jagadeesan
N Jagadeesan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

In the ongoing Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), the game between Chepauk Super Gillies and Nellai Royal Kings on June 23 caught the attention for all the wrong reasons as the on-field shenanigans by Super Gillies batter N. Jagadeesan took the center stage. It was after Jagadeesan backed too far on the non-striker’s end that the bowler Baba Aparajith ran out the Super Gillies player. And Jagadeesan was not pleased with that and made an obscene gesture as he walked off.

Following the incident, Jagadeesan penned an apology note for his on-field actions. He called his behaviour inexcusable and said that it was very hard for him to digest how he reacted following his run-out. He concluded by saying that there cannot be excuses for what he has done, adding that he would do better and be better going forward.

“My deepest apologies to all of you for my inexcusable behaviour at yesterday’s match. Cricket has always been what I live for – and the sportsmanship that comes along with the sport is something I deeply respect. This is why it is very hard for me to digest how I reacted,” wrote Jagadeesan in his Instagram story.

No excuses for what has been done: N Jagadeesan

“Passion is always key in any sport – but controlling it and channelizing it the right way is more important. And that is something I failed at doing when I let my temper get the better of me. No excuses for what has been done. I will do better and be better. With Regret, Jagadeesan,” he added.

Narayan Jagadeesan Instagram story
Narayan Jagadeesan Instagram story (Photo Source: Instagram/Narayan Jagadeesan)

Aparajith, during the fourth over, as he was about to deliver the ball, stopped as he approached the crease and ran out Jagadeesan, who was already out of the crease. This mode of dismissal is often debated, as many consider this to be a grey area as far as sportsmanship and the spirit of the game are concerned. However, it is well within the laws of the game to dismiss a batter in that manner, and the lawmaker Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), earlier in the year, also termed this kind of dismissal as fair.