Ian Chappell advises Tim Paine to 'shut up and get on with the job'

Ian Chappell advises Tim Paine to ‘shut up and get on with the job’

He also lauded Ashwin for the way he tackled the situation.

Ian Chappell
Ian Chappell. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Tim Paine had a Test match to forget against India at Sydney. The Australian skipper was fined 15% of his match fees for showing his frustration to the on-field umpire Paul Wilson for not being consistent with his calls. To top that off, Paine dropped three important catches on the final day’s play which cost Australia a lot. 

The wicketkeeper reprieved Rishabh Pant twice off the bowling of Nathan Lyon. Pant went on to score 97, which put the hosts on the backfoot. The skipper also dropped the catch of Hanuma Vihari later in the day. But, that wasn’t just it. The Tasmanian faced heavy criticism for his sledging from behind the wicket during the course of the day. 

It’s not part of the game, Ian Chappell on sledging

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell, in interaction with World Wide Sports, said that it would have been better if Tim Paine had been quiet and not tried to engage in any conversation with Ravichandran Ashwin. “But like all players, you’re better off just shutting up and getting on with the job. It was a classic example of why you should do that.

“To get involved in that – whatever he was trying to with Ashwin, I’m not sure – but to then drop him just a few balls later is a good reason why [you should remain quiet],” Ian Chappell said.

The legendary Aussie player also reckons sledging as an aspect of the game. He explained that the job which has been assigned to Paine is quite tough, which is why he should be focusing on the game rather than in talking with the opposition.  “It’s a hard enough job being a wicketkeeper. Then throw in being a captain and a wicketkeeper, you don’t need to be talking – you need to be thinking.

“And it’s not just Tim Paine; it’s pretty much all modern players. This business about, ‘It’s part of the game’; well, in my opinion, it’s not part of the game,” Chappell added. The former cricketer and commentator also pointed out that the umpire should have stepped in as Ravi Ashwin was not happy with the verbal volleys thrown by the Australian side. He also credited Ashwin for reacting the way he did. 

“I was pleased, actually, when Ashwin pulled away because it’s about time batsmen let the fielding side know they’re not happy with that bulls–t. The other disappointing thing about that was that the umpire didn’t step in. Ashwin made it pretty obvious, and at one stage he gestured towards the umpire, sort of saying, ‘I’m not facing up until this bloke shuts up’,” Ian Chappell added.

Chappell reckons Tim Paine is a good captain

Even after being critical of Tim Paine’s approach, Ian Chappell also said that he is a smart guy and a good captain. He backed Paine to make a solid comeback and remarked that every captain has a bad day on the field. 

“The main thing is, and Tim’s a smart guy; as soon as he dropped the catch, he’s probably thinking to himself, ‘Why did I shoot my mouth off and not concentrate on keeping?’ He’s sort of indicated that he’s not happy with his performance and I think you’ll find that he might be a little less vocal in future,” Ian Chappell further added. “I think he’s a good captain. Every captain will miss some tricks along the way.”