iB Cricket SOL 2019, Match 1, Review: Blue Blasters – Virender Sehwag vs Yellow Strikers -Brendon McCullum

iB Cricket SOL 2019, Match 1, Review: Blue Blasters – Virender Sehwag vs Yellow Strikers -Brendon McCullum

Yellow Strikers have added two crucial points to their tally early in the tournament.

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It was great fun watching cricket from a completely different perspective in iB Cricket Super Over League. In the first game of the tournament, Virender Sehwag of Blue Blasters faced Brendon McCullum of the Yellow Strikers. In this fun-filled match, it was the Yellow brigade that emerged triumphantly. McCullum managed to get the better of Virender Sehwag by a 5-run margin.

Thus, the Yellow Strikers have added two crucial points to their tally early in the tournament. In this match, Virender Sehwag won the toss and opted to field first. He cited new format being one of the reasons for him to opt to bowl first.

Ball-by-Ball coverage of the match:

Yellow Strikers’ innings:

Ball 1: A good length delivery bowled outside the off-stump at full pace from around the wicket. Brendon McCullum shuffles across slightly and takes a single. 1 RUN

Ball 2: Slightly shorter than the previous ball. Yet pitched in the good length region outside off-stump. McCullum chips it over the mid-off fielder and the ball runs away to the boundary. Smiles all around in the Strikers’ camp. 4 RUNS

Ball 3: Brendon McCullum attempts playing his trademark shot straight down the down. But, he ends up miscuing the ball and gets caught in the short-third man region. ‘That was right out of the middle,’ remarks the former Kiwi cricketer as Virender Sehwag celebrates. OUT

Ball 4: Sehwag bowls a full-length ball just around the off-stump at full pace. The sudden change of pace beats Brendon McCullum as he tries to drive it down the ground. NO RUN

Ball 5: Good length delivery that was bowled slow. McCullum picks it and drives it hard down the ground. However, it was cut-off by the mid-wicket fielder. ‘That’s out of the middle too. What’s going on?’ said McCullum after hitting this one. 1 RUN

Ball 6: A slower delivery pitched just short of full-length. The batsman pounces on it, smashes it straight down the ground and gets a boundary off the last ball. 4 RUNS

Score: 10/1 in 1 over (2 fours)

Blue Blasters’ innings:

Ball 1: McCullum sets up an interesting field. Third man and deep cover in place along with a fine leg. A good length delivery bowled in the fifth stump line. Sehwag smashed the ball through the off-side but could only get one run. 1 RUN

Ball 2: A short-pitched ball which was misjudged by Sehwag. Straight to the point fielder. Sehwag complains about the ball being bowled very slow. Has an interesting conversation with commentator Harbhajan Singh. NO RUN

Ball 3: A full-length delivery but down the leg. Sehwag misses out on putting some bat to it and regrets missing out on a boundary. Asks McCullum to bowl a little faster. WIDE

Ball 3: A widish good delivery. Sehwag goes hard at it and tries to play over mid-on. But finds an edge and ends up getting no run. Another interesting conversation with Bhajji. NO RUN

Ball 4: A slower bouncer. Sehwag comments that his eyes aren’t able to spot the ball well and thinks that it is time to retire. Smashes the ball again through the covers but only gets a single. 1 RUN

Ball 5: Another short-pitched delivery from the bowler. Sehwag goes hard at the ball but only gets one run. ‘Brendon, what are you doing man?’ asks Sehwag. Smiles all around. 1 RUN

Ball 6: Another good length wide delivery from Brendon McCullum. Sehwag tries to smash it over long-on but misses. NO RUN

Score: 4/0 in 1 over (No boundaries)

Result: Yellow Strikers won by 6 runs

A few glimpses from the match:

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