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ICC U19 World Cup: South Africa U19 batsman involved in controversial dismissal

Jiveshan Pillay, one of the promising players from South Africa, was involved in a controversial dismissal recently.

Jiveshan Pillay | CricTracker.com
South African player Jiveshan Pillay was given out ‘obstructing the field’ at the U19 World Cup. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The ongoing edition of the ICC U19 World Cup is proving to be a very popular one. A lot of young stars are making it count in the tournament with some stellar performances. Amidst all the positives, there comes the first controvery of some sorts of the tournament. Jiveshan Pillay, one of the promising players from South Africa, was involved in a controversial dismissal recently.

Pillay looked good at the crease and was set to reach his fifty as well in the match against the West Indies U19. However, he was adjudged out for having obstructed the field. This particular method of a batsman being given out has always drawn controversies.

Neither does the victim appreciate such a dismissal, nor does his team. As per the rules, a batsman is given out ‘obstructing the field’ if he is seen coming in contact with the ball without the consent of the fielder when the ball is in play.

“Either batsman is out Obstructing the field if, at any time while the ball is in play and, without the consent of a fielder, he/she uses the bat or any part of his/her person to return the ball to any fielder,” the rule on the obstructing the ball states.

The action perspired in the 17th over of the South Africa innings. Jarion Hoyte bowled a delivery way outside off stump channel and Jiveshan Pillay had a good slash at it. He almost chopped the ball back on his stumps in the process of doing so. Soon, Pillay turned back, picked the ball, and gave it to the wicketkeeper Emmanuel. Well, there seemed nothing wrong in the entire scene but the West Indies team decided to appeal against the batsman.

As the video footages showed, Pillay had no intentions of obstructing the field. In fact, he had picked up the ball after it had stopped moving. Despite this, the umpires ruled out against him. The on-air commentators, Anjum Chopra and Dean Jones, looked bamboozled at the dismissal.

It was an utter shame to see a batsman batting so well get out in the worst possible manner. This surely went against the spirit of the game. Pillay scored 47 off 51 deliveries with five fours and a couple of sixes. South Africa posted 282/8 while batting first in the match.

Watch the controversial dismissal here:

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