'I’ll practice it on my husband' - Dipika Pallikal jokes she will try 'hook punch' on Dinesh Karthik

‘I’ll practice it on my husband’ – Dipika Pallikal jokes she will try ‘hook punch’ on Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal have been married since 2013.

Dinesh Karthik - Dipika Pallikal
Dinesh Karthik – Dipika Pallikal. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Indian squash player Dipika Pallikal, the winner of Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar, and boxer Nikhat Zareen were recently seen together as a part of a panel of inspiring and successful women. The event for which these three ladies got together was Adidas’  ‘Watch Us Move’ campaign, which was supposed to celebrate womanhood and the freedom of movement for women. 

An amazing video was launched and the panel was seen together chatting and trying to bond with each other. During that, Nikhat was teaching Dipika and Manushi how to throw her favorite shot, that is the hook punch. Pallikal, during this interaction, threw a joke that she would practice the punch on her husband, Dinesh Karthik, an Indian cricketer. 

During the interaction, Nikhat was seen explaining her shot in her own way. “So basically, I box in the 51 categories and in that category, I’m the tallest girl. So for me, it’s an advantage. And so I show like I’m going to attack but I don’t attack and I allow my opponent to attack and when she attacks, then I throw my no counter punches. So that’s my favourite move. It’s called feint attack,” Nikhat said at the launch of “Watch Us Move” and was quoted by India Today. 

I’ll practice it on my husband today: Dipika Pallikal

“I’ll practice it on my husband today,” Dipika quipped. Paddikal is a renowned squash player and ranks as one of the best in her field. She got married to Dinesh Karthik in 2013, after the couple dated for some time. She has won three Commonwealth Games medals and four Asian Games medals. Dipika also talked about how she and Dinesh Karthik went about during the lockdown. 

“I feel the first few months were okay. Mentally, we were like, Okay, this is going to get over but I still have to stay fit, and how am I going to fit? And it’s you know, I think we were in touch with our trainers way more than you’ve ever been in touch with them. But I think as an athlete, we go through this, I think we’re all you know, we were always shoved into situations where it’s odd and we have to come out of the top no matter what. And it’s being loaded physically. I think it’s taken a toll on athletes mentally, especially on the Olympic athletes,” Pallikal further said.

Dinesh Karthik will be next seen playing in the Indian Premier League 2021 season for Kolkata Knight Riders.