At the inclusion of Ajit Agarkar in All Stars, an upset Sanjay Manjrekar questions his ignorance

At the inclusion of Ajit Agarkar in All Stars, an upset Sanjay Manjrekar questions his ignorance

Ajit Agarkar with Sachin Tendulkar
(Photo Source: PTI)

Cricket has crossed all boundaries as the United States welcomes the stalwarts of the game and the world gets ready to see them in the action when they take the field for the first match in the Cricket All Stars. Yet again, the fans would witness Akram swinging into Tendulkar or Warne bowling into the pads off Lara and many more rivalries which were a usual part of a growing up 90s kid. But the most intriguing question has been the inclusion of Ajit Agarkar and Michael Vaughan amongst the legends of the game.

The news is coming in that Sanjay Manjrekar has raised some serious questions about the inclusion of Ajit Agarkar amongst the likes of Allan Donald, Shaun Pollock, Wasim Akram, Courtney Walsh and others. “I mean clearly he doesn’t stand a chance! I can understand that they need some English support so they must have included Vaughan but Agarkar, really! At first, I thought I heard that wrong when the teams were announced but then once the news was confirmed, the player in me got disturbed! If he can play, then I would like to ask Warney and Tendulkar what have I done wrong as a player!? And if it is about the twitter followers, well I’m sure I’m not far behind from Vaughan and Ajit.”

Apparently, Sanjay is not the only one who seems to be miffed about this bizarre move. One of Sachin’s close buddies, the flamboyant batsmen Vinod Kambli too didn’t approve of this. “Why did Tendlya did this with me? I thought Ajit is accompanying the gang as a commentator but when I saw his name in the squad, I’ve decided not to watch the games. Cricket has surely become intolerant now.” Vinod concluded.

But there are contrasting views to this as well as veteran cricketer Kapil Dev has come in support of the decision. “I think Ajit is a talented cricketer who did justice to his talent. Certainly, he tried to apply himself and even has a 100 at Lords. Tell me, has Sachin managed that one!?” smirked Kapil.

Amidst all this finger pointing, our reporters have found out the real reason of Ajit’s inclusion. It seems Team India ODI Captain MS Dhoni was found in Mumbai after the ODI series loss against South Africa. He was going places and asking Agarkar’s address to ‘enquire’ about the statements the lanky fast bowler made against him. When Agarkar came to know of this, he asked the ‘Cricket-God’ for help and as a fellow Mumbaikar, Sachin came to the rescue of Agarkar and the next day, he was on the flight to New York!

Whether or not Agarkar gets a chance to play is a different question but the tournament surely seems to be a winner.

Disclaimer: All the characters, story, content is work of fiction and meant for entertainment purpose only.

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