Indian cricket coach steals a man's identity to extend visa in the UK

The victim went into depression as his identity was stolen by the Indian coach.

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An episode of a man stealing somebody’s identity in the UK to extend his Visa has been doing rounds on the internet. An Indian cricket coach stole a man’s identity to extend his stay in the UK but the truth came to the fore when the victim went to have his COVID-19 vaccine. A coach named Harshil Patel got married and obtained bank cards and other documents in the name of an innocent man Melvin Dias.

The news came to the fore and the reason was found out that Patel extended his visa by seven years by having a fake identity of Mr. Das. The 30-year-old cricketer and now coach arrived in the UK 12 years back on a student visa but it was valid only till 2012 and after that, he made £ 23, 000 for Tesco and then had a fake identity of Mr. Melvin Das.

However, everything came up on the table when the actual Mr. Das went to book a jab for himself for COVID-19 but got to know that someone else has already taken the shot on his name.

Patel graduated in computer science and electrical engineering and shifted between casual jobs in the UK

A court heard Patel and stated that he tried to ‘regularize’ his immigration status after fetching some money from Gujarat in 2019 and might have paid up to £ 65,000 for false papers. Harshil graduated in computer science and electrical engineering and stands to be an occasional coach while he moved between here and there in the UK for casual jobs.

The victim, Mr. Das arrived from India (Goa) four years back but was allowed to remain in the country as his wife is Portuguese. He got first doubt over the identity case last year when he applied for a Portuguese citizenship card but was refused.

“I locked myself in my room and stayed away from everyone as I was so stressed, I never thought I would ever get a job or income to look after myself,” said Mr. Das while opening up on his ordeals during all these times as quoted by the Daily Mail.